one year ago

Today one year ago, we premiered the piece 19 TO THE DOZEN in Südufer Freiburg. Still so grateful for a blissful core team@work: Fiona Combosch, Ewelina Kotwa, @lk.leakieffer, @natalilicht

Nowadays we are working intensely to create new stage worlds for u to enjoy December 1st, 2n and 3rd 2022 in Kammertheater, E-Werk Freiburg 

>>> stay tuned <<< 

Our 3rd evening length piece, 

inspired by Anna L. Tsings book “The mushroom at the end of the world” 

premieres December 1st. 2022

Picture: screenshot from the-day-before-premiere-rehearsal recordings in Südufer Freiburg by @fridamoves

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